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Philip A. Seeger, Consultant


With a strong background in the design of neutron-scattering instruments, I wish to be involved in the implementation of the next generation of high-intensity sources, both reactor-based and spallation. The Neutron Instrument Simulation Package NISP, including the Monte Carlo library MCLIB, is provided as a free tool for the neutron community. I am also interested in experimental design, data reduction, modeling, and graphical presentation using appropriate statistical techniques.

The officially released version of  NISP  is available via http download, NISPforWindows,  including complete source code and executables for

The complete Revision History of MCLIB and MC_Run can be viewed here. As of 21 Nov 2009, the entire Help system has changed. ALL previous contents of the \Help folder should be deleted, as none of those files are used.




The Microsoft API for mouse clicks has been changed out from under us. The NISP_Win program goes into a wait loop for the mouse, but the mouse is ignored so the computer freezes until re-booted. Not nice! The workaround is to keep an old WinXP platform, or a virtual XP machine (VMware is known to work), and use NISP_Win to create a geometry (.geo) file.  The MC_Run program reads the .geo file, and works fine in Win7.

Documentation, including a Manual, conference proceedings with latest updates, and published papers for several innovative algorithms, may be downloaded in a single .zip file from NISP_Documentsor as individual documents from Document Menu. In addition to the Manual (3 Nov 09), I recommend the paper from the 2004 SPIE Proceedings for an overview of NISP.

For further information and for assistance in implementing or using NISP, please contact Phil Seeger and Luke Daemen (Los Alamos National Laboratory).

We invite participation in the development of this tool!  Please also send comments and suggestions.

Mandelbrot Set at five magnifications

High-Precision Mandelbrot Set program for PCs, using the coprocessor for high-speed iterations with 19 significant figures. The code runs in Windows95/98, NT, or XP. For more details, see MndlZoom.txt, or to download the code, click on

"What is the Length of the Coastline of Mandelbrot?" A report on experimental determination of the fractal dimension of the perimeter of the Mandelbrot set using the above code is available in Coastline, which is a compressed Word document, including several figures and the instructions to generate 23 more. (If all figures were included, the file would be 60 MB before compression.)

Solar Eclipses.  Since another passion of ours is traveling to total solar eclipses, we have put together a collection of older photos that you can download here: Old Eclipse Photos. (This was prepared for a Photography Club meeting, and shows some successful images, as well as "Lessons Learned.")
For the eclipse of 29 March 2006, click on this image: Corona, 2006

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